We help you define how Artificial Intelligence can improve your business – and realize it.


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Machine Learning for Business:

ML Applicability Analysis

ML Software Development

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A.I. Corporate Workshops



PEACOCK has an unique corporate model: work with graduate engineering students.



Finding the right solution for your business comes from a specific study case process. We perform an analysis covering all aspects of your activity in order to give you the opportunities that Artificial Intelligence can bring to your company.


All of our engineers share a passion for Artificial Intelligence. They acquired those skills in the most advanced universities in the field and strive to help you use Machine Learning to improve your productivity.


Our team can quickly respond to your specific needs. We define together the milestones of the project in order to adapt our workflow to fit your agenda. Ask us, and we’ll draw up a project plan right away.


Building bonds between your teams and ours is the key to ensure the best customer experience. Our products are designed to evolve with your company and adapt to your needs efficiently over time.

Machine Learning & Industry

For Startups

You have an awesome application idea? You need neural networks to develop specific AI-based functionality? We’ll build a protoype together! We can delivery a fully functional prototype in a very short period of time. Our very specific startup-workflow allows us to propose affordable solutions for those who want to enter the startup game. From seed idea to investor-ready prototype. We’ll team-up with you to get your project ready for the next step!

For Small & Medium Sized Enterprises


You might be using a specific CRM or database system. Are you tired to hire data managers to simply perform a decent database cleansing? Start with automation! We’ll build tailor-made automated cleansing solutions which can reduce up to 80% of your duplicates, regardless of the size of your database. Our Machine Learning Solutions take smart decisions which will significantly reduce the amount menial work needed.

For Big Companies

We’re not in the beginning of digital era! For years, you have gathered a large amount of data! This is now a valuable asset for your company and you should not shy away from benefiting from it! If you want to know more about your opportunities or you have an exact idea of the Machine-Learning solutions you need, we’ll respond quickly to your needs!